Why input configuration doesnt save on retroarch?

  • why the configuration in retroarch doesnt save? I selected configuration per core, mapped a personal input for only that core, and save it, but when i restart the game, all the configurations are gone!!!! This is gettting me stressed please help with words, i dont understand those links :/

  • Do you also have "configuration save on exit" set to yes?

  • i already found the way, but had to use a extfs program to manually edit the configfile

  • Hello from Germany!

    Please excuse me to relive this thread.

    I have the same problem with snes9x_next (at least that's what I tried to configure).

    Yoshi's Island and Kirby Super Star do not like the Multitap, so you have to deactivate it. I'm using the advice from https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Play-from-3-to-4-players-to-SNES-(EN) to deactivate Multitap, which is enabled by default, but this option simple doesn't "stick".

    Can you help me? Perhaps by pointing me to the right config file so I can edit it manually?

    Thanks in advance


  • @hanker such games require you cange the core to catsfc (or disabele multitap in retroarch, but ... a little more complicated). Go to your game, press select, edit metada, emulator to libretro, core to catsfc, and save

    There have been numerous answers about the multitap problem ...

  • @Substring I know of the "change core" solution, but still: Why isn't it possible to save the settings of Input 2 in retroarch?

    Whenever I change it from "Multitap" to "SNES Joypad" and restart and resume the game, it works perfectly. But when I return to Emulationstation and back to the game, Input 2 is again "Multitap". Yes, I've turned "Save Configuration On Exit" to "ON" before.

    Also, after I have changed "Save Configuration On Exit" to "ON", it stays that way, even after setting it to "OFF" again later. Had to edit manually the retroarchcustom.cfg to turn it to "OFF" again...

    Both seem to be a bug, even if there's a workaround...

    Ideas anyone?

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