RecalboxOS v3.3.0-beta17 Raspberry Pi Zero files release.

  • When can we enjoy Recalbox in our Raspberry Pi  Zero?

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    Hello when someone will gift rpi zero to digitalumberjack 😛 i dont know but github issue is open :

  • No need a raspberry pi zero, you only need a raspberry 1 (B + or A +) digitalumberjack sure you have at home. A recalbox that works well in those old raspberry, also works on a Raspberry Pi Zero, that easy.   I hate that you go one step behind rivals in some areas. Thanks Acris

  • Dude, we all believe the rpi1 build should work. But as long as no one can test that, we can't state it works. We just can't advertise a supported system whereas we haven't even tested it. But trust me, we are all on the starting blocks to get a pi zero 🙂

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    The recalbox is already 100% compatible with the rpi1 @jose-manuel-perez but as you might understand it does not means it's compatible with rpi0. And as we have feedback talking about installation failures on rpi0, i really need a rpi0 to test that. So yes we need a rpi0, and i can't find one for now.

  • I currently have the zero and have some experience with recalbox from several months ago. I have had mixed luck using the boot.tar.xz file from raspbian in noobs 1.5.0 copied into the recalboxos-rpi1 os folder and then installing it as normal with noobs. it now starts to boot on the zero and shows the emulationstation logo and then I just get a blank screen. I will continue trying to get it working tomorrow but was wondering if your able to provide an updated boot file I could try as I believe it is just a simple update required to get it working on the zero: if you look at the 3rd post it says to use the rpi-update command to fix an image but this is omitted from recalbox. as I say ill carry on fiddling and provide an update if I manage to get it working. sorry about this poorly formatted post 😄 Les

  • After several failed attempts I feel my grasp of Linux is just not strong enough for this. apparently it requires the newest kernel/boot files but I am unsure which these are.

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