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  • Hello everyone,

    I Don't want to start a flame war, I'm just a old retropie user who was using the wonderful SNES/NES Mini theme from the official Nitendo SNES/NES mini. I discover browsing this forum a topic about it, but without any answer from the author ("Ruckage"). I just want to know if this theme will be adapted to Recalbox.

    For those who don't know the theme on Retropie, here the awesome work Ruckage did:

    alt text

    alt text

  • hi !

    5 or 6 mounth ago, Ruckage, the author, said : Port is definitely coming, I've been reworking things in the retropie version to make porting to recalbox and then maintaining both in the future easier.

    It's sad, but before that, he answered impatient people about time it take to make a theme without any remuneration and the few free time he had ! And it's true, I don't blame it. Work and family come first... desires too !

    Maybe he had problems converting the theme due to the many differences of emulation station between retropie and recalbox

    Same thing on Retropie forum, 6 days ago, a guy questions it about the update of the snes theme and he said: No, it's not dead, I've just been working on other things but will come back to this. Theme development tends to take over and use up all my free time and sometimes I just want a break from it.

    <crossing_fingers> Maybe he's waiting for the stable version of Recalbox 6.0 ^^' </crossing_fingers>

  • Thanks for your reply!

  • I am also very interested in this topic.

    there is a modification made by amzg (I think) that I extracted from a 32gb image that exists on youtube.

    I can not upload this link since I would not comply with the rules of this forum, but I have the theme downloaded.

    the only negative thing is that it does not work in 6.0

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  • Salut @fab2ris ! Je pense qu'il y a un petit malentendu !

    Il ne présente pas un nouveau thème compatible recalbox. 🙂

    Il demandait si quelqu'un avait des informations concernant un éventuel portage du theme Retropie "NES/SNES Classic" de Ruckage sur Recalbox car l'auteur de ce theme reste silencieux.

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