Recalbox 7.0

Atari st games won’t run

  • Hi,

    Fresh recalbox install with some Atari st .st files.
    When trying to run screen comes direct back in recalmenu.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I’ve put TOS.img in bios....... seem to have red that some where.

    What files should go where?
    Much appreciated.

  • Local Moderator

    @bas Check in the recalbox manager if the BIOS is correct, and remember that the system is case sensitive, sometimes it is just rename the file name, maybe this is the case (the same is valid for the extension if the correct one is "tos.img", the system will not recognize "TOS.img" nor even "tos.IMG")

  • @zing Will try that !
    🙂 seems plausibel !

    Than tackle the neogeo.
    Everything running on final burn alpha but under the neogeo won’t.
    There’s supposed to be a with 1.454kb in size. If it is case sensitive haven’t found it (yet).
    Any tips on neogeo?

  • Local Moderator

    @bas Neogeo needs the bios to be in the same folder as the ROMs (ie needs a copy of the BIOS inside the NEOGEO folder)

  • @zing think it’s case sensitive with capitals or not. I already tried putting the file in bios and game folder ... just won’t do.
    Then again I can’t find the file with exact 1.454 kb. I have found a but not sure it’s the right one. Do you know wich works and where to be found? Just saw a vid on unibios, gonna try that tonight.

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    @bas do not ask again about where to find copyrighted content please.

  • @paradadf said in Atari st games won’t run:

    @bas do not ask again about where to find copyrighted content please.

    Sorry forgot that.

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