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  • Hello, I have been working on mapping my N64 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick for Recalbox over the past few hours. I've managed to get almost every button working correctly! Except for the C Down button.

    Here is my current configuration (keeping the D Pad buttons and Joystick 1 out since those are obviously mapped):

    *starting with the buttons as they are numbered by Recalbox - followed by their physical name on the controller - and finally what I mapped them to -

    Button 0 - C Up - Joystick 2 Up
    Button 1 - C Right - A
    Button 2 - C Down - Empty (I've used X in the past with no success)
    Button 3 - C Left - Joystick 2 Left
    Button 4 - Left Bumper - Select (just to get it out of the way)
    Button 5 - Right Bumper - Right Page
    Button 6 - A - B
    Button 7 - Z - L2
    Button 8 - B - Y
    Button 9 - Start - Start

    I am aware that mupen64plus is supposed to autoconfig these controllers, however, I've looked at the mapping for that autoconfig file through SSH and am not too fond of it. Plus I didn't know that once I originally mapped my N64 controller, and consequently have no idea how to remove my original mapping (meaning I am not sure how to use that mupen64 autoconfig anyway). So I pressed on and find myself at this current situation.

    I believe I could fix my config if I could simply map C Down to Joystick 2 Down, but since Recalbox only allows you to input Joystick 2 Up and Left, and infers that Down and Right are exactly the opposite, I cannot do this. And unfortunately, the inferring method does not work for buttons as it does joysticks.

    Does anyone know how I can config my C Down button to Joystick 2 Down? I believe this would solve my problem. (That is until I need to use the Left Bumper for something other than Select...if only an N64 USB controller existed with a dedicated Select button!!!!)

    Thank you for your help in advance :).

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    Look tuto in french
    And use google translate to help you

  • @acris Thank you!

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