NOOBS Installer Questions

  • Is it possible to have some options set during install? Do you want to enable kodi at start? Do you want to enable kodi menu in emulation station? Enable Wifi? (j/n) -> wifi ssid? -> wifi key? Enable GPIO Driver? (j/n) -> mk_arcadejoystick? (j/n) -> how many controller? (1,2,3,4) -> db9 controller? (j/n) -> how many controller? (1,2,3,4) -> gamecon controller -> how many controller? (1,2,3,4) And then write the recalbox.conf at the end of the install process.

  • Team

    Hi @hstampfl this is a really good idea. We could save the language and keyboard layout directly from noobs too. The bad side is that it will take some time to do that... Can i let you open an issue ?

  • yes, i will do it. i first like to give a discussion here, so that I not open stupid stuff on github

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