Arduino/Joystick Shield and Recalbox

  • I've purchased a Funduino Joystick Shield, attached it to my Arduino, and uploaded code that allows me to watch joystick presses in a serial monitor on my latop. I then connected the arduino/joystick shield to a raspberry pi 3 running recalbox via usb thinking recalbox would pickup the movements right away but it did not. I tried to configure the joystick manually in recalbox but recalbox does not even recognize its plugged in. Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be using USB from the arduino uno to the rpi3? Thought it would work since the serial monitor on my laptop saw the inputs via usb. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    @evanb123465 You should not post in English in the French forum, you should use the international area to post in English.

    You are not clear what version of Recalbox you are using, I recommend testing with the latest BETA, as it is more generally compatible:

    If it does not work with BETA, I'm afraid not much that can be done, apparently it's a driver issue. You could test with GPIO, but apparently it's not what you want.

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