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The Recalbox Team.

RecalBox does not work after the upgrade.

  • I warmly welcome. I wanted to install recalbox for Ra Raspberry Pi 3+, but something does not work. The system was uploaded using the balenaEtcher program. I uploaded a micro sd card system (SanDisk Ultra 16GB a1 hc1). When you turn on Raspberry Pi, only the lightning icon appears on the screen.

    Ra Raspberry Pi 3+;
    SanDisk Ultra 16GB a1 hc1;

    I installed the beta system (February 2019 Beta Version).
    After updating from the panel, the system does not start.
    Does anyone know the reason?


    Please forgive me for mistakes, but I do not speak English, so I translate it through google translate.

  • Global moderator

    Beta version shall not be upgraded

  • The lightning icon usually means that the power supply is not strong enough for the Raspberry.

    The first startup after the setup does take a bit longer than normal, because the OS is resizing the partitions on the SD card at first boot. This might take a minute or two depending on the card speed and size,so maybe you just need to wait a little bit longer.

  • I had the same issue after upgrading. I guess it would upgrade to the last stable version, which is not compatible with Raspberry PI3 B+.

    Right now, I think your best option is to re-flash the beta version on your SD card itself using etcher (and disable updates maybe once your reboot...)

  • Global moderator

    try again :

    1st post
    There is a popup telling me there is an update! Wow you're fast!
    NO! NO! NO! No update at all until the final release! update = crash

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