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Remove Default Included Roms

  • I'm running Recalbox beta (but I don't think this is a beta related problem). I want to remove the default included roms from the image. Everytime I delete the included folders from the \recalbox\share\roms the games get auto generated back. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  • I'm not sure if this will work on the latest beta, but in 18.07.13 it works. You should be able to do that via ssh. If you use windows I suggest to use Putty for this. First you have to mount the entire recalbox partition in rw mode by typing "mount -o remount rw /", then you have to use another software, Filezilla, to access the share folder (use the same credentials you type in Putty, default are: host "recalbox", username "root", password "recalboxroot", port "22").
    When you are in, use the right area of Filezilla's main window to go one parent folder above, you should see there is the "share_init" folder. Just go into it and delete the "roms" folder, and you're done. Share_init folder contains files that are automatically copied into share if they are accidentally removed from it, so be careful not to remove other files or folder that are not the "roms" one. Hope this helps.

  • @updawg Yep, that is the normal behaviour. If a rom folder is missing, it will be recreated on boot, based on the contents of the share_init folder, like @theknob said.

    If you want to have a copy that you can always quickly enable, then you can rename the rom folder that you don't want to have to something like xxx.old, but after that, create a new empty folder with the original name of the system. In this way, you get rid of them but you can always switch the name of the folders quickly if you want to play them again.

  • Screenscraper
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    Just delete contents of rom folders, not roms folders themselves or they will be recreated.

  • @bkg2k

    I tried that and the ROMs were recreated but not the included box art.

    I'm going to try remounting root as read write and see if that works.

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