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Issue - Game Split once booted - Recalbox x86 for PC

  • So, this will be my first time posting here.

    I'm sort of a newbie when it comes to PC emulators and what not. If you asked me to mod your console it would be easy-peasy and done with ease.

    HOWEVER I was able to utilize and play off batocera.linux no problem with my Linux system ON TWO monitors. Now I would like to try the actual Recalbox on my Windows system.

    It loads up fine, I see all the system, my controllers work fine with it EVERYTHING WORKS, including the game... (well it loads)

    Problem is - ONCE I load the game, (because I am running two monitors) I do not know what happens the game is split in two.
    I will have HALF of the game on HALF of my monitor and the other HALF on the OTHER monitor.

    I've done some research everything adds up - But I am flabbergasted as to why it does this and HOW to fix it.

    AND of course - unplug one of the monitors and REBOOT recalbox, the game loads up fine on one screen. However when two monitors hooked up, it splits the game in half.

    Anyone has even ran into this issue is more than welcome to comment.

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