MAME exit test screen when launching a game and start playing

  • Hiya everybody, I've got some games on MAME (for example Arch Rivals) that when I load the game I'm entering to a test screen and I don't know how to exit from there and launch the game to start playing.

    Link to imgur, please take a look:

    How to exit from that screen and start the game? Only start works there but it's only for do the test. Maybe any key on the keyboard?

    Any response will be appreciated.

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    @makination Please, whenever you open a topic, specify as much information as possible:
    What is your hardware (Rpi0,1,2,3,3 + / PC32,64)?
    What version of your Recalbox (say the version number, not: "the last one")?
    Did you even set up your Recalbox, or bought everything ready, or downloaded a ready-made image?
    Are you sure you have the necessary BIOS for this emulator? (check the BIOS in the retroarch menu, or in the Recalbox manager, it shows the missing BIOS by system, it is easy to identify)
    Never worked, or stopped working?
    What have you tried to do?

    Please answer all of the above questions to make it easier for you to help.

    Without this information, what I can tell you is that this only happened to me in some games, and at the time I just changed the emulation core and it worked ...

    But, read these articles:

  • I leave the information here if somebody has the same issue:

    FIXED turning off 'service mode' on 'dip switches' from the mame menu in that screen.

    Next time I'll give more information, sorry!

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