Kodi is very slow and laggy when trying to watch 1080p x265 files (for example)

  • Hi gents,

    I have got a raspberry pi 3b+. So far, I have no trouble for watching movies, animes, etc. Except when it comes to some particular formats like 1080p x265.
    Files are not particularly heavy : 300Mo, and it works pretty well on my computer with VLC. But in kodi, it is super laggy.

    I never changed recalbox or kodi initial configuration.

    At the begining, I thought it was due to the SD card, so I changed it to a very fast one ... without success.

    Did you already experiment this kind of issue ?

    Thank you in advance,


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    @raspomain If you have Rpi3 + that indicates that you are using BETA, and all subjects about BETA, should be discussed in the BETA topic.

  • CRT Fan

    hi, it's not the SD card or your files, it's the Raspberry pi who can't handle the x265 format.
    Some files can be read but the experience is not smooth.
    If you want to read x265 files on a media center you need a better hardware, like some new android box, or a nvidia shield tv.

  • Okay. I converted my files to x264 and it works properly ...
    Thanks for you answer.

    Zing: I was suspecting something no correlated with beta version.

  • Sometimes it happened, try again after few time probably it will work smoothly.

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