PSX: Merging multiple discs into one

  • Hey,

    while waiting for the stable version for the 3b+, I've decided to convert my old localized PSX originals to pbp. With the few words of French I remember from school I was able to find instructions (or at least links to tutorials) that made this quite easy for single disc games.

    The multi disc tutorials, however, always require to switch the CD-number in the settings. This would work for me but I guess everybody has that one family member that better does not even know about a settings menu.

    However, I was able to find English versions - of for example Final Fantasy or Oddworld - that have the complete game on one disc. Could anyone please point me in the right direction, so I can convert my multi disc originals into single disc pbps?


  • @Markus-V Use PSX2PSP 😉

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  • Thanks,

    That method requires to Hotkey+B and switch discs in the menu, doesn't it?
    I currently use an English FF IX ROM that behaves like the Steam-version
    ... as if the creator had combined all CDs into one ISO, removed the "insert disc"-screens and then converted it to pbp.

    How can I achieve that?

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