Recalbox x86 psx problem

  • Hello today I downloaded the latest recalbox image from and installed it on my HP thinclient t610. N64 psp etc all work perfectly no problems.

    However after adding all psx bios and osx games. There is a problem. First games aren't always loading they often jump back to recalbox game select screen. When the game loads the sound is stuttering big time. Appart from the stuttering the gameplay looks good.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    @henny-xu Hello!
    I can not guarantee that it is not a hardware limitation, MAYBE BE IT.
    BUT, let's consider the other possibilities:
    Are you sure you are using the correct BIOS? Go to the Emulationstation Menu, there is a part of the MENU that says which BIOS is missing, make sure you have all the BIOS of Psx (if it has it, it should not appear in the list, I think it appears as sony playstation, but I may be wrong, I'm not with my Rpi3 around to check it out). BIOS is case sensitive, if you have the right BIOS, sometimes RECALBOX does not recognize it, but just rename it to work.
    Any PSX ROMs not working? Did you try some different, or just one or two?
    Have you tried changing the emulator / emulation core?

    If none of this works, I think you should test the BETA version of Recalbox, it is much more compatible:

  • Thx for your reply.
    I'll test your recommendations when I have the time
    I am wondering though. Does recalbox also detect and use the GPU? Or does it only work with cpu?
    Because thing is before I decided to install recalbox on this thing I used to use Windows 7 with psxe emulator and on that psx games worked great.

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    @henny-xu I'm not sure, but I believe it uses the GPU as well. But there is a problem of incompatibility with the new video cards, which the BETA version aims to solve.

  • Thx for everything I'll try it next time when the beta is finished. For now, at the recommendation of a friend, I'm using Lakka and everything including psx works super.

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