Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Santa Claus

    Santa Claus exists!

    Proof: A brand NEW Christmas Beta released, for all platforms!

    Well, let's make this post simple and clear.
    We are in the final stretch for the next stable version.
    This time, it's not only about the 3B+ compatibility, it's more about the next release for all.

    Unfortunately, bumping our linux kernel to achieve the 3B+ compatibility and provide more features had some unexpected side effects.
    The most unenjoyable is the inability to update from the latest stable (18.07.13) to the new release.

    Yes I know, it was still possible using the double-jump described in the original post.
    However, it was really risky and we cannot evaluate how many Recalbox would die trying to reach the promised lands 🙂
    So... we decided to make everyone restarting from a fresh install. From times to times, restarting from scratch is a very good idea.

    Keep in mind this is still a beta version, with some bugs yet to fix, and maybe not the last.
    Some little things are still avaiting internal validations, so you can expect even more in next beta / final release.
    Don't hesitate to report bugs, anomalies, mis-behaviors, etc. here. You can also discuss with our admins/developers on Discord.

    Ah... one last thing: DO NOT UPDATE THIS VERSION, EVEN IF YOU GET AN UPDATE POPUP! Or Santa Claus will know you've been a naughty boy/girl...
    Disable updates in the appropriate menu. Until the final release is available, NO UPDATE AT ALL.

    Images links:

    Rasberry Pi:



    Merry Christmas and Happy new Recalbox!

    Known issues

    • Roms not load on Dreamcast
    • Scrap broken

    **To those who have difficulties to save Recalbox configuration on external devices, please can you post more information:

    • What is not saved?
    • Configured from the Webmanager or from EmulationStation (or both)?
    • What's the file format of your external device (Fat32, exFat, other, ...)?**

    A ceux qui ont des difficulté à sauver la configuration de Recalbox sur les disques/clefs externes, pouvez vous donner des informations plus précises:

    • Quelle config n'est pas sauvée?
    • Configuré par le Webmanager ou par EmulationStation (ou les deux) ?
    • Quel est le système de fichier du périphérique USB utilisé (Fat32, exFat, autre, ...)?

    Changelog (from 18.07.13 until now):

    • KODI bumped to 17.6
    • Raspberry Pi3b+ and CM3 support
    • Joypads management updated, mostly impacting joypads advertising as a complete keyboard. You have to reconfigure your pad if it is acting strangely
    • Preconfigured gamepads file rewritten
    • arcade GPIO driver upgraded: now support I2C and GPIO recopnfiguring from the command line
    • x86 now requires a CPU that can handle at least SSE and SS2
    • x86: add support for newer AMD GPU
    • fix PS3/PS4 pads not working
    • fix kodi configgen
    • bump rpi kernel + firmware
    • gpio arcadedriver works again
    • fix bug on bluetooth discover
    • Add Capcom RB video intro
    • Bump kodi.plugin.video.youtube to 6.2.2
    • Add support for Mayflash GameCube adapter
    • ES: better cyrillic display
    • Add ipega 9055 udev rule
    • New upgrade procedure to prepare for the future
    • ES: fix scraped folders display
    • ES: improve image loading
    • ES: now automatically reboots once the upgrade is ready
    • Atari 8 Bits: Added Atari 800 and Atari 5200 support - Thanks to dubbows!
    • MSX: Fixed Bluemsx core
    • Add 7z file support for many libretro cores
    • Docker build unified
    • "overlays" folder and roms subfolders automatically created
    • Fix bug on bluetooth discover
    • ES: fix pads buttons detection and configuration
    • Fix bluetooth detection on Odroid XU4
    • Update version of Theodore core
    • Add homebrew game Mission: Liftoff (Theodore)
    • Fix BT recovery on XU4
    • advmame: add overlay possibility
    • MAME: Added mame2003-plus libretro core. A MAME078 version with added games support plus many fixes and improvements.
    • PokeMini: Add Pokémon Mini support
    • FreeIntv: Add Mattel Intellivision support
    • FreeChaF: Add Fairchild Channel F support
    • Add Atari Jaguar on x86(_64) platforms
    • SNES9X: Add Satellaview and SuFami Turbo as own systems
    • Neo Geo CD: Added support with fbalpha emulator
    • Bump FBA libretro to latest version => Romset
    • Bump AtariST emulator to december 2018 version

    The following block of the original post is still true, except tou cannot upgrade


    This what we expect from you:

    • never use your main SD/USB stick for testing purpose (unless you're feeling very confident and know much about Recalbox)
    • know the very basics of Linux:
      • remount partitions as RW
      • connect through SSH, browse through the filesystem, edit files, understand for example what cd ~/configs/retroarchmeans
    • can run commands on demand
    • can properly use the markdown syntax for reporting on the forum
    • understand that we can software-brick your Recalbox and you don't mind because it just needs a format + install
    • know how to make a support archive
    • you MUST speak english
    • make sure you made all the required backups

    Whatever happens to your Recalbox, it's for the good sake of everyone, so just don't blame me if something ever fails.

    What's this all about ?

    This update is a major system upgrade for all boards (pi, PC, odroid):

    • new upgrade procedure
    • pi3b+ support
    • KODI 17.6
    • the mk arcade gpio driver is configurable, and can be used with I2C. I'll give specific infos for people who wish until I definitely add some doc in the recalbox.conf
    • updated kernels for all pi and x86 (which mean a much better hardware support for PC). Odroids are a different story (the C2 kernel is hardly maintained, the XU4 had a big kernel upgrade, but it's not yet part of Recalbox)
    • unified buttons detection between SDL2, Retroarch and Kodi. This is extremly important : your pad may not fully work once you've updated, emulators/kodi may also crash. Just remap in ES
    • part of the next stable release (the correpsonding changes are listed below the [Unreleased] tag in the changelog. Everything above is part of the system upgrade)
    • and many many many other small details which are too long to list

    The following block of the original post is no longuer required and is kept for archive purpose

    So what now?

    The upgrade is done in 2 steps:

    1. upgrade to a branch which has the new upgrade process
    2. upgrade to the version


    After upgrade, please remap your gamepad, and post your archive support. Not remapping your pad will mostly result into emulators/kodi crashing

    Known issues

    • virtual keyboard can not appear at first time in ES. Leave the screen, and try again
    • Some 8bitdo pads trigger both an axis and a button on L2/R2. So far the button was returned first, now it's the axis. Retroarch may not like it ... If this happens, ping me
    • some AMD GPU can have a glitched output, should be fixed in a coming release
    • so far, couldn't add the amdgpu driver (see this link for the GPU list), i'll try to fix this later
    • no overclock settings for pi3b+, so don't fool around yet with it
    • the FANon my GTX 750 runs at full speed all the time. Good thing to kick dust, but not to play at night when the wife and kids are sleeping 😄

    Time to thril

    You need to edit your recalbox.conf and set updates.type to:
    1. First update with: https://review-master-slwsz0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com
    2. Then update with https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com

    A pi3 SD card works on a Pi3b+. Though, I know some people don't have a pi3 anymore, so there is a direct link at the bottom of this post. There is no need to make any upgrade on this img, but still, set the updates type to the 2nd link to get updates during the beta. If you update while on the stable branch, you'll simply brick your Recalbox. Now you're warned. I'm pretty sure some smart @$$ will spread this image forgetting its beta state, those people are making a big mistake.

    What you should test

    1. The upgrade procedure is crucial. I had to change quite some stuff in it, it's the only warp to the next Recalbox generation, so to say
    2. Use Recalbox "as usual" : with your USB key NAS share etc ... Just make sure you made some backups
    3. xbox and PS pads feedback is welcome
    4. Kodi and kodi pad autoconfiguration

    The most important thing is to use this image "as usual". I just couldn't test everything by myself , that's why I made this open beta.

    Thank you testers, and let the beta begin!


    Once the two-pass update process has completed, or once the direct image has been flashed, you must either disable updates in the appropriate menu or set the >updates.type to https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com in recalbox.conf.
    Failing to do so and running the default update will brick your Recalbox!

  • Theme moderator

    @substring I'm in, but do you have a deadline to make the test ?
    While I'm on vacation after tomorow I'll bring my Recalbox with me. But for sure being away from my own pc will slower my test's process. In 10 days I'll be back for good, will it be to late ?

  • Banned

    Img for x86 would be good too, to facilitate beta testing (can't test this beta at all with the update branch system on a x86 not managing to display anything with current version like gpd win)

  • @voljega 32 or 64 bit ? This version works with the only cherry trail i have, but it's lacking sound

  • PS3 Controller need remapping.
    Tested with genuine DS3

  • @abunille ok, please make a support archive so that i get your new mapping please 🙂

    Some people reported on RP that the motion sensors where behaving like a pad, did you face the same problem ?

  • Banned

  • @voljega 1st post updated

  • Themer

    Hello ,

    • PI3b+ , clean image installation, controller xbox360
    1. The virtual keyboard is not visible

    2. Wifi problem : once the activated wifi can not connect via the network

  • Banned

    @substring merci 🙂 bon je pourrais pas tester avant une semaine de toute façon

  • @substring said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):


    Hello I've just installed the img and change the update.type to https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com .

    I'm using a xbox 360 wired controller. I tried to open kodi and it's not opened, bringing me back to emulationstation.


    The Support file is here



  • Global moderator
    Global moderator

    Bonjour Substring et bravo pour le travail 🙂

    Using a new RPI3B+ I've downloaded IMG from link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/001a87b22467ab20ba97a6e2bcadf64020180814205142/64afb2 on a fresh new SD card.
    Running on a SAMSUNG LCD Screen with Wired game pad I failed to run games. No games is running NES, SNES, Master System etc ...
    I see only game intro and after a while back to ES game list ....
    I do not know what i've missed.
    Merci pour votre aide

  • @olivierdroid92 Same here I thought that Kodi was not working however it seems that the emulators are not working too.

  • Staff
    Global moderator

    @olivierdroid92 & @kelv : Remap your pad(s) using the appropriate menu option. Updating or running a fresh install does the same.

  • Global moderator
    Global moderator

    Thanks, it's working fine now with an other gamepad I've remapped :).

  • Hi there. I tested it with pi 3b+ with my external hard drive with all the roms and musik titles. The emulators are shown and the roms also because i can‘t play them. The roms are from the recalbox from the pi 3 b and the bios are also from the pi 3b. Is that not compatible with the data from the pi 3b ??
    The title musik from my own does also not work only the musik on the internal drive .
    The wifi setting keyboard does sometimes not shown.
    Updates i don‘t now becaus i have edit the config data to the link from the forum.
    greets robert

  • @bkg2k THX!!!

  • Global moderator
    Global moderator

    Hi to all the the team,
    Please find my feedback :
    The following games/systems have been tested
    FBA0.2.97.43 : 1941 = OK
    FBA0.2.97.43 : DINO = OK
    MAME2013: cyvern = OK
    MAME2013: ddonpach = OK
    MEGADRIVE: Double Dragon = OK
    NEOGEO3.3: mslug = OK
    NES: Ice Climber (USA, Europe) = OK
    NES: Kickle Cubicle (Europe) = OK
    PSX: R-Type Delta (USA) = OK
    SNES: R-Type III (Europe) = OK

    All is OK, Srapper, SAVED, LOAD, RW, FW etc ...

    But, I 've got some trooble to display keyboard when I want to put my name in NETPLAY setting.
    So impossible to display keyboard.
    No test performed on NETPLAY

    Other points,

    • 1st mapping issues with wired classic chine SNES pad. I dont kon why didnt works
    • allmost impossible to affect "R2" pad after "L2" pad. . So perform all and back to choose correct "R2"

    I will keep going to tests 🙂

  • @mikozzz said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    Hello ,

    • PI3b+ , clean image installation, controller xbox360
    1. The virtual keyboard is not visible

    See the first post

    1. Wifi problem : once the activated wifi can not connect via the network

    I'll investigate

    @BertL1005 there is no difference between a pi3 and pi3b+ from a recalbox point of view. So troms and everything else should work just as well as before.
    Virtual keyboard : please read again the first post

    @olivierdroid92 said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    But, I 've got some trooble to display keyboard when I want to put my name in NETPLAY setting.
    So impossible to display keyboard.

    explained in the first post

    No test performed on NETPLAY
    Other points,

    1st mapping issues with wired classic chine SNES pad. I dont kon why didnt works

    I'm not sure to understannd what you mean

    allmost impossible to affect "R2" pad after "L2" pad. . So perform all and back to choose correct "R2"

    on which pad ?

    TO EVERYONE: edited the first post so that the pad remapping necessity stands out better

  • Global moderator
    Global moderator

    with a wired pad ps4 type when i configured the key, is was ok for "L2". I choose "L2".
    But these selected key went affected to "L2" and "R2".
    Lors de l'affection des touches sur une manette filaire USB de type PS4 : pour le bouton "L2". Je presse 1 clic sur "L2" mais ES affecte cette touche à "L2" et immédiatement apres fait la meme chose pour "R2". Je continue mon affectation des touches puis à la fin, corrige l'affection correcte.
    Je ne sais pas si cela vient de ma manette ou si c'est lié à un timer ?

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