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8Bitdo SF30 PRO pairing lost

  • @scavy I'm also using the SF30 Pro with the last beta. Not experiencing any issues with it.
    Though I don't think I have done 10 reboots yet after pairing it. Maybe 5 times, it's still working.

    Maybe this is related to different firmware versions? If I recall correctly, I only updated it once immediately after buying it, and I bought it close to the original release date.

  • Tester

    @bloodsurfer yeap, it's a possibility. My pad is quite recent too. Ihari84, did you update your pad's firmware ?

  • @scavy Unfortunately I have to report also the 8bitdo G Bros adaper (from picture above) sucked after few reboots in the meanwhile.
    Seems it‘s only working with my old, legacy 8bitdo N30 Pro and Sony DualShock 4 controller then 😞

    All newer 8bitdo I tried faced this problem so far (SF30 Pro, N30 Pro 2 and G Bros adapter)!
    Each I flashed with latest firmware before pairing.

  • It could also be related to some different setting in recalbox.conf. How is your config? Which BT driver are you using for example?


  • @bloodsurfer
    Here my config. Have to say I‘ve changed nothing. It‘s everthing from fresh, clean install of latest Recalbox stable:

    **# -------------- D - Controllers ----------------- #

    Enable support for standard bluetooth controllers


    Please enable only one of these

    -------------- D1 - PS3 Controllers ------------

    ##Enable PS3 controllers support

    Choose a driver between bluez, official and shanwan

    bluez -> bluez 5 + kernel drivers, support official and shanwan sisaxis

    official -> sixad drivers, support official and gasia sisaxis

    shanwan -> shanwan drivers, support official and shanwan sisaxis


    ------------ D2 - GPIO Controllers ------------

    GPIO Controllers

    enable controllers on GPIO with mk_arcarde_joystick_rpi (0,1)


    mk_gpio arguments, map=1 for one controller, map=1,2 for 2 (map=1,map=1,2)


    ------------ D3 - Steam Controllers ------------

    Enable steam controller service


    DB9 Controllers

    Enable DB9 drivers for atari, megadrive, amiga controllers (0,1)


    db9 arguments


    Gamecon controllers

    Enable gamecon controllers, for nes, snes psx (0,1)




    XGaming's XArcade Tankstik and other compatible devices


    Do you have any suggestions what I could change to make these newer 8bitdo controllers staying paired?

  • @lhari84
    P.S.: I don‘t think changing driver in recalbox.conf is a solution. Seems it‘s, as the name of switch already says, for PS3 pads only:

    Any other setting I could give a try?

  • @lhari84 the same is happening to me, after rebooting or powering off, I lose the pairing on my SF30 Pro 😞 I am using the latest 8bitdo firmware available (1.29).

    Starting SF30 Pro by start+B. The only way to make It connect again is to forget bluetooth controllers an pair It again, so I need a usb-c or another USB controller to pair it again.

    Any ideas?

  • @foxzflow
    Are you using a Bluetooth dongle or internal bluetooth? If donlge, do you know which chipset it has? (CSR or Broadcom?)
    I‘m using CSR based dongle in Pi3 B. And I have not tried internal Bluetooth, because it sucks on Pi3 B, way too much input lag.

    These problems seem to be gone with Pi3 B+. In latest christmas beta, pairing of latest 8bitdo controllers do not get lost and no input lag there with it‘s internal bluetooth. But this beta brings other problems, that‘s why I stick on latest stable and the „old“ Pi3 B 😞 Hope there is a stable, final version soon...

    Further I can‘t understand why so less people seem to have this reproducible issue. Maybe it‘s because this forum is visited mostly by french people who don‘t care about english/international posts. -> Same in beta-thread, most communication is french and my english posts seem to be ignored. Even though in first post moderator wrote communication should be in english, so as many people as possible can contribute... I know, Google translator could help, and so on... but in the end it’s a bit annoying and much information gets lost!

  • I am using an external bluetooth dongle (CSL - USB nano Bluetooth V4.0) but I am not quite sure if it has CSR or Broadcom chipset. I did some research and found that chipset can be CSR 8510 A10 but not 100% sure.

    Anyway I am not using internal bluetooth as my board is an Odroid XU4 that does not have builtin bluetooth, so I had to buy external dongle.

    I have not tried the latest christmas beta yet, I think I will also stick on the current stable version and I will wait for the next stable one as this is a minor problem for me.

    Thanks for your help, lets see if the problem is gone on the next release 🙂

  • @foxzflow
    CSL should use CSR chipset, I‘m using the same! Before I tried a Digitus dongle, also CSR. As it didn‘t fit in Superpi case because of its size, I removed housing of both and both modules look quite similiar, just the CSL has a very bright LED compared to the Digitus 😉 Also MAC adress tells me it‘s from the same Chinese manufacturer.

    I also tried an Asus dongle with Broadcom chipset, but here I had same problem like with Pi3 B‘s internal Broadcom chipset: Inputs where much too sensitive, for example at steering at Mario Kart.

    But as discussed, also tried with internal Broadcom chipset of Pi3 B+ in beta and there it seems work fine. (Not too sensitive and also no known input lag of Pi3 B)
    So I hope there is a final version for B+ soon too. I‘m really looking forward because for me there is no real alternative to the really good, new 8bitdo controllers!

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