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  • Before I spam up the gitlab issue page with impossible feature requests, I wanted to throw it by the devs here for their take.

    As recalbox has retroachievements and now had added netplay, I discovered an issue for those like me who take recalbox/kodi with them when they travel for work and are stuck in hotels for a while with nothing to do: Public Wi-Fi Network Login Pages (captive portal pages). In order to connect to the internet, you must agree to TOS in a portal page, which recalbox does not currently have the ability to do.

    A feature request would be to have an option within the network settings menu to open a very lightweight browser to for the purpose to access the captive portal page. I'm not sure if its even possible within recalbox, but maybe a way to preinstall a browser with a shortcut to an add-on within kodi?

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    @sag508 hi, we understand your point of view, but Recalbox must remain light so such a feature is not planned (we won't add any web browser in a retrogaming distribution).

  • I figured as much. Doesn't hurt to throw out some ideas.

    Thanks for the response and keep up the great work! Much appreciated!

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    @sag508 you're welcome, and have fun 🙂

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