The games won't load

  • Hello there,

    So today was another long day.
    Pi 3 b+, installed Recalbox once (beta build for pi3 b+) and installed the update without reading the thread about the beta version : I had to format and reinstall. :') That's not a big deal.
    But I could'nt launch a rom, even those that are built-in.
    And I cannot do so with my fresh install as well.

    I saw a few threads talking about corrupted SD Card, but could it be corrupted two times in a row ?
    I'm testing the recalbox with a VGA screen with HDMI converter.

    Any idea on what's going wrong here ?

    UPDATE : unsure if it's because of the beta build but Kodi media center have the same issue

  • Which controller are you using and did you remap your controller before starting the games?

  • @joinski I'm using a XBOX 360 wired controller and no, I did not. But it's working... fine ? I'll investigate asap, thanks for your reply, sorry for bothering.

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    @eddrik you have to remap your controller, if not, you' ll always go back to ES.

  • @gaetan Sorry for the slow reply, it was the issue, I had to remap my controler as specified on the installation guide. I chosed to ignore this telling myself "why, this is working right now". Won't be as stubborn next time. Thank you and sorry for bothering you all.

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    @eddrik No problem, have fun ! 😉

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