corrupted racalbox?

  • So i was updating recalbox about 2 months ago and light went off, i never knew if the update was done or not. Fastforward to today, i'm trying to make a "console" for my girlfriend as our second year anniversary full of the games she likes and we can play together. The thing is, i tried to run recalbox and it says "End kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00007f00" and it won't boot. I can't re-install because i spent well over two months downloading the roms (before today and the update. i've been gathering roms ever since i got recalbox). My internet connection is really bad, and i need to have this before october. Is there a way to "fix" this besides reinstalling? Or is there a way i can access the SD card to get my ROMS before reinstalling? I'm using the NOOBS dual boot with raspbian, but i can't seem to access the files from there. Any ideas?

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    @sergio-villanueva don't you have a backup of your roms on another drive ?

  • @oyyodams i used to have them in my own linux, but that laptop sadly got messed up in a flooding so that's not longer an option. I managed to get linux running on a VM and bought an sd-usb adapter and i can now access my files. I guess i'll be closing this thread now.

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