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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Themer

    @substring said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    which pad doesn't work ? So far i've tested with a x360 copy and a 8bitdo nes30, both working fine

    the two joysticks (x360 and snes30) do not work only in kodi, ES and retroarch work perfectly fine

  • @azvarel try renaming ~/.kodi just to see then launch again kodi. Have ypu remapped ypur pads ?

  • Theme designer

    @Substring En éteignant Recalbox, je reste coincé sur l'écran noir avec le petit logo en bas au milieu avec la ref de la version. Je suis obligé de débrancher à l'arrache car je n'ai plus accès au webmanager.

  • Banned

    @substring unless it prevents emulators to display, I have no problem at all with controls ?

  • @gaetan is ypur share on your sd card ?

  • @voljega configgen crashes if pads are not remapped ad there are some new values stored + normalized buttons order between sdl2, retroarch and the joypad plugin for kodi

  • Theme designer

    @Substring Yes it is, a Sandisk 128go sd card.
    Sorry for my french comment above, mixing languages all the day can be tricky.

  • @azvarel looking at your support archive, you haven't remapped your x360 pad, which you MUST do

  • @0x77696e So, a few questions :

    • was it working before the upgrade ?
    • have you set a particular videomode to es ?
    • can you make a support archive WHEN you stuc after leaving kodi ? I'm curious about ES state + screen resolution.

    Kodi should run at the native resolution of your projector, which should be the same resolution as ES. Tricky ...

  • Themer

    @azvarel try renaming ~/.kodi just to see then launch again kodi. Have ypu remapped ypur pads ?

    yes, I had mapped the buttons, renamed ~/.kodi and did not get exite the joystick did not work except the B, A and R buttons.

    I managed to solve the following command: in KODI I went into System Settings > Input > Configure attached conttrollers and add Super Nintendo joystick through the button Get more...

    after remapping this control by kodi, the 8bitdo snes30, started to work.
    maybe required for the official version, have this option as default

  • @substring I have used the already upgraded image, so I can't tell you if it was running before (and this is the first beta release running on rpi3+).
    I have not set anything on ES, it is the stock configuration.
    The support archive I have submitted is already when the bug occurs.
    But.. in fact, kodi AND ES are working and there are no resolution problems, if I starts from ES and then Kodi, all is working great.
    The bug apears when I'm leaving Kodi and the system returns back to ES, here the screen is cropped.

  • @Substring

    Brand new RPI3+ here with a fresh sd-card.
    Just had a few hours to test, but most of the things seems to be working fine.
    I ran into one strange thing with my PS3-controller though.
    I know people have been reporting some issues with PS3-controllers, but remapping is not working here.
    As long as the controller is connected with a wired USB-cable it responds as it should, I can navigate the ES-menus and it responds with the proper action to my keypresses.
    When i unplug the USB-cable and it connects over Bluetooth down-buttons triggers A, and two presses down launches a game. That fails. And after that all game fails until next reboot. Just a blank black screen and then return to ES. Before connecting PS3-controller over bluetooth all games work and after a reboot they work again.

    Also - Recalbox reports that RPI3+ is runs on 1200 MHz, not 1350 as it should?

    Connected both wifi and bluetooth controllers with the embedded wifi and bluetooth that came with the RPi and it works like a charm. Also my two 8bitDo SFC30-controllers works perfect.

  • @stefankrantz

    If your controller is connected over bluetooth you must remap in ES.

  • @stefankrantz PS3 pads behave differently whether over USB or BT, that's why you need to remap in BT too. This should solve the crashes

  • Themer

    @Substring which you turn off raspberry, kodi is not saving input settings

  • @azvarel I beg your pardon ?

  • @substring

    It did solve the crashes! Thanks, didn't realise I had to remap it while on bluetooth.
    No more crashes.

    The Speed - 1200 MHz for a RPI3B+ is that simply the wrong information from Recalbox or is it actually running slower than it should?

  • @stefankrantz if you rely on the overclock page, they are still adapted to pi3, not pi3b+

  • Theme designer

    @substring just by curiosity, do you plan, if it's possible, to make b+ overclocking available in a sooner release ?

  • @substring

    Yeah, thats the one!
    I discovered an other error with the PS3-controller.
    It's not responding at all in PS1-emulation.
    For other games (example N64) and in ES it works, but not PSX.
    My 8BitDo-controller works in PS1 though.

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