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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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network access or vpn for recalbox?

  • Hi Forum!
    New in here!, Just got a raspberry pi 3 + last recalbox version with a bunch of games emulated for my nephew. Recently got to know that it is also posible to emulate PSX games too and they were originally not included in the version I gave him. Thing is he lives far away my home and it is only 8 years old. I am willing to know... is there any way to update game list online?, accessing to the console by some online way, vpn or some kind of intranet ?!
    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    @mai_geek Hi,

    First of all Recalbox is not compatible with 3B+ yet.

    Then, Recalbox is a small, light distribution, which doesn't embed any vpn server. But you can for example store the games on a NAS, configure Recalbox read them from the NAS, and remotely upload your roms to this NAS by a VPN solution.

  • @oyyodams Hi OyyoDams!! yes, my Rasp is only 3B.
    Oh!, ok!, think your solution is a good one!, Think i can store the games on a NAS, but not sure on the second step. Is there any job aid/video or guide done on how i can configure Recalbox read them from the NAS? seems a little difficult.. can help me with that?
    Thanks a lot for all the help!

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    @mai_geek what about using something like teamviewer and a local computer? It seems easier for me, even more if a child should be involved.

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