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I accidentally deleted some ZIP files, how can I find them back?

  • I saved several ZIP files (for video game) in my video player SD Card, but today when I am trying to transfer the files onto my computer, I accidentally deleted them all, is it possible for me to get them back?

  • Staff

    @rosa no there is no undelete feature, you should always have a backup.

  • Banned

    Have you backed up your data from SD card to computer? If so, it will be easy to recover your video game. If not, things would get a little tricky. You can recover deleted files with a piece of dedicated software, like Cisdem Data Recovery. But as far as I know, almost all the data recovery tools are not free. No matter on Mac, Windows or Android.

  • I think you should check the trash bin.
    Might be there you will get your deleted files.

  • Hello, you can first check your recycle bin and your backup. If you do not make backup or you cannot find your files on the Recycle Bin, you can also try CTRL+Z or apply a data recovery tool, like the Bitwar data recovery or Recuva, etc. Hope can help you.

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