Load Remap File problem

  • Can somebody explain to me how the load remap file works?

    For example, I configured my own controller remap file for Marvel vs Capcom (mvs). Then, I opened up Marvel vs. Street Fighter and I want to load the Marvel vs. Capcom remap file on it but for some reason, it does'nt load? Am I doing something wrong?

    After I load the remap file, I then press the "save game remap file" before I exit retroarch but still it does not load the Marvel vs. Capcom remap file. Why is that?

    A helping hand is much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    I did remap a controler but on N64 and it work.
    Could you try something ?
    Go to retroarch > configuration > Save configuration on Exit : ON
    Then leave retroarch : start + hotkey
    Reload the game
    Go to retroarch > controls > here configure your controls > Save game remap file
    Then Resume to game > leave the game (hotkey+start)
    Load your game again and it should work automaticly, no need to load remap file

    Hope it will work 🙂

  • Hi @Gaetan, thanks for the reply!

    I can save my remap file just fine. The game saves the remap even after I exit the game.

    My problem is loading certain games remap file on other games I wish to load it to.

    Please help. Thanks again!

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    If it's for all the games of the emulator you can make "core remap file"
    If it's only certain games, try to make your configuration for each on and "save remap file" for each one.

  • @Gaetan I guess I'm not coming across clearly so let me site an example...

    Open a game in mame, for example, CONTRA > Make a custom controller input in this game using retroarch then > "save remap file".

    The game will save a configuration file in a config file somewhere named "contra.cfg"

    Next, open another game in mame for example METAL SLUG. Now this time I want the controls that I've inputed in CONTRA to be the loaded on METAL SLUG so, > "Load remap file" > select "contra.cfg"

    I don't know why but I can't load the contra.cfg onto my METAL SLUG controls. I just want to have 1 .cfg file to load to my other game so I don't have to manually change every controls on every game. I know this is possible, I just don't know how.

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