Cant you install and configure recalbox on a usb drive?

  • Hi Guys

    I have installed recalbox on a usb drive and successfully booted which is great but when i plug the drive into my mac to view the contents and update it, i cannot see a dir to place my roms?

    I only get an EFI folder and a BOOT folder?

    Am i missing a trick?

  • @nate009 you're missing that it's a linux system and uses some filesystem format that a mac can't read

  • I found that you need to connect the device to the network to see the network share, then i could copy my games 😄

  • Just for info, there exists software to enable reading/writing on ExtFS partition (like the one with the roms for recalbox).

    I've tried the trial version (30 days I think) of the one called extFS by Paragon. It works perfectly. I think the full version is approx 40$

    There are free software that permits also to do that, namely OSXFuse but it seemed a bit less user friendly, I did not try it.

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