Amiga & NES Emu doesn't work!?

  • Hi,
    generally the Racalbox is really nice. It's for me a bit more home then Retropi.
    But, Amiga Emulator don't run and also the NES dont run.
    On Amiga Emu I've placed the correct MD5 Kickstarts in the suggested folder and also ADF images upload. But the emulator dont start.
    The same Thing with NES. I've upload zipped and not zipped .nes files, but nothing.
    In both cases I stert the whished image from GUI, the screen is dark and after a while the GUI comes back without any warning or what ever. :(

    What is wrong there?

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    @jochen Hi,

    First of all what is your board ?

  • @jochen NES does work, something must be wrong in your setup. Ca n you make a support archive please ?

  • Hi, I've test it on Pi 2 and Pi 3 (without +).
    How can the setup be wrong? Have nothing done on NES. Only copy the roms...

    What does mean "support archive"?

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    @jochen go to the web interface with your computer (http://recalbox/ or http://recalbox.local), support section, execute the script, and paste the support link here

  • Ok, Amiga now also is running. Have coied the rom one folder too deep. A error message would be helpful.

    Only the NES isn't start the roms.
    Here the support Link:

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    @jochen can you make the same archive, but just after launching a nes rom, not amiga please ?

  • Ah, it's senstitve to last doing... nice!
    Here it is:

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    @jochen thanks. I don't see anything wrong in the logs. I've just tried the same rom on nes (rpi3), and it works. Do you have the same issue with othter nes roms ?

    Can you try other libretro / retroarch emulators (snes, megadrive or gameboy for example) and tell me if it works ?

  • @jochen can you also edit recalbox.conf and add nes.args=-v then start again 10 yard fight, then again a support archive, please ?

  • Ok, will try it at evening...

    All other emulators are running correct.
    Only the NES don't do anything. No one of my roms are started successful.

  • Ok, was done it.
    Here the new file:

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    @jochen please try the following:

    1. Connect to the shared folder through network
    2. Go to system/configs/retroarch/
    3. Rename retroarchcustom.cfg to retroarchcustom.cfg.old
    4. Try again to launch a nes rom

  • Has no effect. :(

  • Nobody an idea?
    both versions... for Raspi2 and Raspi3 instantly don't work with nes roms after fist installation.
    Is this generally a bug in the actual version?

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    @jochen said in Amiga & NES Emu doesn't work!?:

    Is this generally a bug in the actual version?

    Nope you're the only one with this issue... Maybe a bad romset ?

  • Could be...
    Would need a rom what is running anywhere to test it here.
    Was loading mine from xxxxxxorg ...

    no link with copyright contents
    please read rules thanks.

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    please try others roms sources

  • Ok, will try it...

  • @jochen i use blade buster for all my tests on all boards i own, so trust me, it does work ! I'll have a look at your support archive tonight

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