Moonlight - Sound through Jack output.

  • Hello everyone,

    Just trying to get a bit of help. Despite some search on the web, I can't find any answer on my problem.
    I setup moonlight on my recalbox (with Rasp pi 3) and it works flawlessly when it comes to control & graphics.
    But I have absolutely no sound.
    Right now, my sound is taken from the jack output of the pi (and set up in recalbox UI as "jack", auto does not work and seems to go through HDMI I guess?)
    It works perfectly in all "native" games, but when using moonlight it just never work.
    I am not quite familiar with moonlight, any guidance on where I should look to fix this ?
    I guess this "force jack" option must be setup in Moonlight conf file, but not sure where to look at...

    Thanks in advance


  • @bilbotorm hi

    Have a look zt the moonlight conf file in sytem/configs/moonlight

  • Hello

    Thank you for your reply, looking at the moonlight config I can read the following:

    ##Play audio on host instead of streaming to client
    #localaudio = false

    ##Select audio device to play sound on
    #audio = sysdefault

    shall I put jack ? what's the syntax ?

    thanks !

  • Banned

    It seems, you are not the first having the problem. Look once here with solution :

  • @dragu

    Hello Dragu,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply
    I looked at your link, and tries to do the following:

    ##Play audio on host instead of streaming to client
    #localaudio = true

    ##Select audio device to play sound on
    #audio = local

    with no success, still no sound (neither from origin pc or from the recalbox pi3)

    if anyone knows...?

  • Banned

    You must take away the # before parameter.

    -audio local

  • @dragu

    Thank you so much, all's fixed !!!!
    Sound is now output properly.

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