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N64 roms black screen

  • Hi,

    I'm having issues launching some n64 roms: I get a black screen with no sound and nothing happens until I press the gamepad's hotkey to go back to the ES menu.

    I saw some people complaining about some issues that look similar but are not quite the same so I just want to point out that most games launch fine, it only happens with a few specific games like Star Wars Battle for Naboo.

    I'm running the latest 4.1 stable on a RPI 3 and I left the mupen64plus settings untouched. I tried the same rom on OpenEmu on a mac that also runs mupen64plus and the rom works as expected.

    I was wondering if anyone had the same issue with this rom as it seems that the emulator should be able to run this rom?

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    @danielr for battle of naboo, gliden64 must be updated as its ucode is pretty new... I don‘t even know it is publicly available yet. But don‘t hold your breath on it... the pi might be too weak to run it properly anyway, who knows.

  • @paradadf Thanks at least I know it's not a configuration issue on my end!

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