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  • Hey folks, so i know this is probably posted somewhere in the forums, but i havnt found it.

    Like i have said before on some of my other posts, im new to this whole programming thing. im sure a lot of you will get a couple laughs out of this, i just hope you guys can help me out.
    I havnt had much time to work on the Raspberry Pi lately and i saw that Recalbox had a couple new updates. i rushed to download the latest update and then proceeded to burn the new update image to my thumb drive, the one that had all my existing data on it from the previous version of Recalbox. so to my surprise when i started up my Pi, the Chistmas theme still came up, but now i have no games whatsoever (other than the preloaded ones that are on the program). i dont know what i did or did not do, but i do know i screwed it up.

    could someone on here help me out with a step-by-step how to do a proper update to recalbox and maybe tell me if there is any way to possibly get my old game data back. i have it all on my desktop at home, but i would still have to do an image scrape to the games again. ahhhhhhhgggggg.

    anyways, yeah safe to say i think i screwed up. any help would be greatly appriciated

    thanks to you all,

  • @reaver013 to upgrade : press start, go to updates, select start update, wait, reboots, wait 20 to 40 mins, reboots, and voilà

  • thank you Substring, Does that mean that i will still have my game data, or did i lose it afterall.

    thanks again

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    You will keep ROMS, Bios, Cheat etc ...

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