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DC compatibility

  • I saw that the pi3 got DC support and I decided to try it out. So far I've only been able to get one game to run, despite the compatibility sheet saying that the ones I'm trying should also be working (albeit slow). That game is marvel vs capuchin capcom 2. The read me file says the supported file formats must be either in gdi or cdi format (mvsc2 is in cdi). I've tried both the cdi and gdi format for some games and I still get nothing. In fact after launching the game, it goes to a black screen and there is no way to exit except by unplugging the pi.

    What are some things I need to be aware of? Do only certain types of rips work (IE those that are self booting)? Do gdi files need to all be named the same or kept in a separate folder for each game?

  • @ivwshane have you added the bioses ?

  • I have the bios files in the bios folder and the following .cdi files just sitting in the dreamcast folder, and they all run at 100% speed with no overclocking, so if you grab a few of these and you have issues, its either a setup issue your end, or you have a bad "dump"

    Confidential Mission
    Grand Theft Auto 2
    Jet Grind Radio
    KAO The Kangaroo
    Legacy Of Kain
    Metropolis Street Racer
    NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC
    Power Stone
    Shadow Man
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing
    Sword Of the Berzerk
    Toy Commander
    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Zombie Revenge

  • @rustymg sonic adventure 2 running at full speed ? Really ?

  • @substring no way ! :=)) Even with cranked overclock @1400 i barely get 45 FPS on Sonic Adventure 2, far from the original 60 FPS on a real dreamcast :=)
    @RustyMG probably meant "playable" but not fullspeed, or not on a pi3 (maybe on Odroïd XU4 it is, though i'll have to check it up)

  • @gkralicek2 i remember the intro being laggy as hell, that's why i'm surprised it would run at full speed

  • Apologies everyone.
    Yes, you are all correct - all play at literally fullspeed.....except Sonic Adventure 2!
    I hadnt played it in a long time on the Pi, so my memory was a bit hazy.

  • @substring

    I have multiple DC bios files. Maybe I don't have them named correctly.

  • @ivwshane read the wiki, take care of the case, Recalbox is case sensitive

  • @substring said in DC compatibility:

    @ivwshane read the wiki, take care of the case, Recalbox is case sensitive

    Yeah, I'll be checking that once I reload recalbox. However, if I didn't have the correct bios how could I have gotten one game to work? You would think that nothing would run.

  • So it turns out it was a combination of things.

    For one, I had the wrong name for the bios file and flash file.

    Two, the bios files I had did not match the recalbox md5 checksums (although I never found a checksum that matched for the dc_flash.bin file).

    And finally, apparently the bios files need to go into the actual system folder and not the folder labeled "bios" (although I put them in both locations).

    So far it played every image I put on it and they ran at anywhere from semi playable to playable at stock speeds on the pi3. Overclocking to 1350 yielded slightly better performance. The emulator still has a ways to go though.

    For anyone looking for the correct md5 hashes you can go here, it will also tell you the correct name and location for your bios files.

  • @ivwshane said in DC compatibility:

    The emulator still has a ways to go though.

    Yup but as far as reicast development has been stopped for several years already i wouldn't count on many improvements on this core anytime soon 😞

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