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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Amiga Emulation Recalbox for Odroid UX4

  • Hello
    Someone can please indicate if Amiga emulation for Odroid XU4 is somehow in working and will be added or if it is not in plan to support?
    Thank you

  • Themer

    @hex12 please at least make an effort to read official blog and wiki, it is specified everywwhere that amiga is only supported on pi2 and pi3.

    support for odroid xu4 might come in the future, but not for a while

  • @voljega i know that Pi3 is supported, i have it in my hands, in fact my question was only for Odroid XU4 because i read that Amiga is not supported in wiki.
    I posted because i could not find news in the forum about a future possibility of a support for this platform and as i have also an Odroid, where i can emulate platform actually not possible for Pi3, i wished to know if there will be also amiga support in the future. Thanks for the answer

  • Moderator

    You need to ask amiberry team.

  • @hex12 for the very same reason we'll be very bothered with upgrading amiberry to the last releases version (because it requires OpenGL and not just OpenGLES), I'm afraid we'll be stuck the same way on XU4

  • Themer

    @substring but the last releases version in SDL1 should still be ok no ?

  • @voljega i'm not sure SDL1 is ok on any odroid

  • Themer

    @substring ok... Amiga is really the one thing keeping me from swutching to odroid ...

  • @substring sorry for the noob question, but what are the implications of using OpenGL instead of Open GLES? Is it a problem of licence or of support for the systems (that is power of SOC is not enough)? And it should mean we will never get an update for the emulator on Pi3 systems to support Amiga CD32? Thanks for the answers

  • @hex12 the problem is "which video driver can we use depending on the display backend"

    We use the framebuffer backend (except on x86). There is hardly opengl on framebuffer, mostly opengles. Recent releases of amiberry added sdl2_ttf as a dependancy, which only works on opengl ...

    I'll try later ... Much later, really have too much work on recalbox to fool around with recent releases of amiberry

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