Problem of lag in Recalbox-next theme (18.03.16)

  • Someone already noticed a problem of lag on the logos in classic mode with the old theme and also on the horizontal carousel. Indeed the last logo on the right put a little time to display when we scroll through the systems, against this problem does not occur if I look at the systems back. Is this a bug in the interface? a memory problem? Thank you for your answer

  • Tester

    I noticed the same problem here. On all the themes, the logo on the right is appearing sudendly and late.
    And it, in fact, also appear when you're going back. The logo zoom back a little and suddenly dissapear when it should slide out of the screen on the right.
    Also, the backgrounds seems to be zoom or stretch. The top of the backgrounds are at the good position but it's stretch to the bottom.

  • Maybe there is a simple solution for this?

  • Tester

    I took screenshots to compare the backgrounds from before and after the update. The back grounds are not stretch, it's the white barre that is slimer in the new version. So, no problem about it.

    But there is stiil a issu with the apparition of the right logos in the carousel.

  • I was going to start a topic regarding this same issue. I use a modified simplelight and klassiko and they both have issues with displaying the right image on the classic horizontal carousel. I don't know the code, but rather than a latency issue, to me it looks like the function to call the image for the system is called too late.

  • Yes, I noticed this also, but put it down to latency, let’s see what the devs say

  • It is my understanding that they are aware of the bug and will correct it in the next release.

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