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Help with pre-made Recalbox 4.1 image and updating to enable Amiga & X68000

  • So happy Amiga support is finally here! Now I already grabbed an 128 GB (Brazilian) premade Recalbox 4.1 image floating around on the internet. I thought, well simply update it to 2802 and add the required Amiga & Sharp system & game ROMs and the systems will show up in Emulation station...

    Apparently not. What am I doing wrong? Should I trigger some refresh? Should I edit ES configs (if so please some help is welcome).

    Thanks for any help!

  • @spudje


    i dont know how we can help you with your "premade Image".
    It is not an official image from our site, so we don`t know what "modifications/changes" has been done there.
    Use an official clean Recalbox Image (maybe Backup your share folder).

  • Banned

    @spudje there is and never will be any support for premade illegal images.

    If you want help, please download official version and reinstall from scratch

    also amiga is only for pi2&3

  • @spudje dude, why should we debug some 3rd party recalbox version that has tweaks that are not of our own ?

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