GPIO pin 15 stopped working

  • For this project I'm using a pi2 and I have two players with six buttons, start, select, and two hot buttons (currently not supported by recalbox), all wired to the pi's GPIO headers. Everything has been working great for the last several months however pin 15 (player 1 right) has stopped working.

    I've tested everything and all except the header work just fine.

    My question is: is it possible that something in recalbox could have gone bad (for example, pin 15 must be configured as an input instead of both an input and an output), or do pins on the GPIO header sometimes go bad?

    Is there a recommended USB/other interface type board that one can use for two player controls?

    For anyone who has had a similar problem and looking for a temporary fix you can map your bad button to the corresponding hot button that is currently not being used. For example; since my player 1 right button no longer registered, I wired it and reconfigured it to use player 1 hot key (pin 3 for the pi2).

  • @ivwshane you're using the recalbox gpio driver right ? You have nothing to configure ,it's all done in the kernel module.

    For the reasons the pin was damaged ... Hard to find one. I'd say static electricity ... Anyway, the driver uses no current as the pin is either on high impedance, either to the ground.

    For some usb replacements, xinmo and juyao are the most common boards. The xinmo wiering schema is detailled on the wiki

  • @substring

    Are there any issues with the two player version xen mo?

  • @ivwshane no, as long as you respect the wiring we give. We know about 2 revisions of the xinmo and they do work. For now there is a topic where the guy can't have his xinmo worling as expected

  • @substring

    Cool thanks!

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    @ivwshane but there to be an issue with two one-player xin-mo connected together, though

  • @voljega

    Do you mean there is an issue if someone plans on connecting two 2 player xen mo boards together for a four player setup?

    If so then I'm good since I'll only be using two players.


    I just reread your post. You are saying there are issues with using two 1 player boards. I plan on using the one board two player version so I should be good then?

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    @ivwshane yes you should be good in that case 🙂

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