Hello, new to this thing and had a ?

  • Hey all, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. i just purchased my first Raspberry Pi device and i am eating up all the info i can find on how to make this thing awesome (even though it is pretty awesome out of the box). i wanted to say thx to you guys for your Tuto topics you have posted here, they have helped me out a ton.

    I began looking for a emulation station after my original xbox finally kicked the bucket. i turned to the web where i found a system called a Game Box Hero, 16 systems in one for $150. however, it looked like it had little support and wasnt able to find much about it. So i began looking more and then i ran into you guys here at Recalbox. my first impression was, wow, where do i sigh up and how much is it, but then i found the raspberry Pi 3 kit and was eager to get started. so far, with all your help ive managed to get the Pi set up with a handfull of systems, a couple really cool themes, and after some troubleshooting, finally figured out the screenscarper. this thing is turning out to be very cool. (But i wish i would have seen the Odroid xu4 before i bought the Pi).

    Anywhere, thanks to you guys for all the help. i had a ? im sure its listed somewhere in the tuto's, but i must have missed it.

    1. i downloaded the PC engine rom set from XXXXXXXX and then unzipped the files to the PC engine rom folder, but it unzips to 6 parts of other zipped files and then when i unzipped one of those, it comes up with a list of games in .zip format in another folder inside the original zip. My question is, how do i need to set these up in the Recalbox PCEngine folder.

    thats all i have for now,

    thanks again

  • @reaver013 hi

    The only thing that will work is an unzipped rom, or a zip solely containing a single rom

  • A lot of the PC Engine collection is Japanese txt only.
    I went thru my collection and whittled it down to about 300 usable / playable games, taking out the Jap and or European version if a US equivalent was available.

    If you ever get a version of Pac-land that works (try using the controller to move right or jump.....) let me know!

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