Recalbox 7.0

after pushing left + a button mame resets the game

  • So, I am having this issue, no matter if I use keyboard, or the arcade stick, this only happends when I use mame4all and then when I am playing for example Donkey kong, If I move the character to the left and then push the jump button, the game resets, I tried everything, changing the retroarch conf controls, and nothing, is like if is a bug inside mame4all or retroarch or recalbox, and as I said it only happends with mame4all, if I use advance mame, or what ever other, it works fine, can someone check if it happends in all the recalbox instalations? and how to solve it?

  • @animes25 this is very annoying lol

    I guess that, someday, you found yourself inside the mame menu and cjanged some keys ... Or you've forced a conf file in recalbox.conf ?

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