Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Recalbox 18.02.09 is out!

  • Cool!!! I'm waiting for the update to prompt on my RPi3 :) @Substring I'm wondering if there is any way to push it.


  • Staff

    @kelv just be patient, we can't release it for everyone at the same time, so stay tune and try again in some hours ;)

  • @kelv you can't, unless you install from.scratch. We'll go full steam out on the upgrade during the weekend

  • Cool :) I saw that PPSPP has been updated, I can't wait XD

  • @kelv PPSSPP is not updated in this release

  • @substring I thought it was bumped to the last version. No worries I'm sure this release will be awesome :)

  • @kelv ppsspp will be for the next release, though i'm not sure it's really worth it

  • merci merci merci !

  • Themer

    @substring, @acris and all developers


  • My recalbox is now updated to 18.02.09 but I'm not seeing the folders to add roms to new systems, where add them?

  • @pillabichos p'ease read the blog posts, all systeme are not available on pi. The board compatibility is up to date

  • @substring x68k is available for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 but I can't see roms folder.

  • Staff

    @pillabichos you don't have a folder called x68000 ?

  • My recalbox PC is now updated to 18.02.09 but I have no sound coming through my 3.5mm audio socket, anybody else experiencing this?

  • Staff

    @emjaydee can you open a new topic please ?

  • #1- Is there anyway we can download past versions of 4.1 such as, before this update? #2- Is there anyway we can change or roll back to earlier Recalbox intros? I really liked the last one where the logo gradually appears, and you hear the coins being put into a machine. That was pretty stylish and represented Recalbox well i thought. However, everytime i restart the system, i see the Christmas intro with the snowman. Now that would have been awesome to have on Christmas time back in December but, it's february now. I'd like the last intro back.

  • @skullgrin past versions are available at https://gitlab.com/recalbox/recalbox/tags

    Now regarding the splash video, everyone's whining about it starts to be really annoying. We won't leave it forever. Consider it as a retro splash video like we miss X-mas time. We'll change it on the next update. So just keep cool with it, I personnally find it quite amusing and went against some of the team members recommendation to remove it. Consider this release as a late christmas release, look at the photos of the moments your shared with your family, keep calm and eat ice cream ! It's just a video. I'm sure that the next video will also be like "Dude, i really preferred the snow man ya know". And I'm not even talking about people who never liked the original splash video ... Endless debate, enjoy this video for the time being :)

  • @skullgrin I'm with you on the intro and liked the previous one as well. Plus Christmas was over 1.5 months ago! :) Otherwise I like the update!

  • @substring Is there a way to change/customize the splash screen? Or change the music?

  • Staff

    @skullgrin hey, it's just a short video you see one time during boot, why don't you just enjoy playing with Recalbox ?

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