VGA GERT 666 - Hdmi Timings per Emulator

  • Hello,
    following tutorials on the web i bought VGA GERT 666, that i connected to a Sony BVM 20F1E.
    Anyone here is using Recalbox with VGA GERT in 240p ?

    There is the HDMI TIMINGS to put in the config.txt , it's the general timing in order to see Emulation Station on the screen, but is there a way to customize for every system its own HDMI TIMING ?

    Suggested default HDMI TIMINGS for Emulationstation is
    hdmi_timings=450 1 50 30 90 270 1 1 1 30 0 0 0 50 0 9600000 1 (last best v centering)

    Then i see a lot of different hdmi timings for every system ( , is it supported to switch this on the fly ?


  • @cybermat80 you should be able to have custom timings for each system. Reading your line above, yo could add in recalbox.conf:

    snes.videomode=hdmi_timings 450 1 50 30 90 270 1 1 1 30 0 0 0 50 0 9600000 1

    Do you get the point or I should add more details ?

  • Ok i've seen that there is a dedicate line for emulation station timing. So i can put a general 320x240p in config.txt and one for ES.
    Then i will add nes genesis and snes timing in order to see the output results!

    If i force NTSC hdmi timings on Snes , i will be forced to play with Usa games right?

  • @cybermat80 I'd go a different way:

    • set in config.txt the ES timing
    • set systems timings in recalbox.conf

    Because a single timing will probably not fit all consoles, have a look here for example

    for the NTSC timing ... mmmhhhh ... this reminds me that all this will work great if you enable VSYNC in RA + disable a few craps to make it run smooth. I have a VGA666 but havenen't used it yet. I've done most of my tests with something based on it.

  • I tried to use customised hdmi_timings but with no luck (recalbox exit to emulation station)

    Do you know the exact syntax about snes.videomode= ?

    hdmi_timings=450 with or without "=" ?

    I read about "latest firmware" in order to switch resolution on the fly , is it something that i have to do on my raspberry or the latest build of recalbox has all that i need inside ?

    thanks your help is appreciated.

  • @cybermat80 i gave you the syntax earlier. It's what you'd write just after the vcgencmd command. In other words, like the hdmi_timings in the config.txt without the = sign

  • I tried to put HDMI TIMINGS proposed in the various tutorials present on the web, but it seems that they're not working.
    Someone of them works so i think that recalbox is able to handle auto switch, sometimes the resolution doesn't come back to the previous one when exits to Emulation Station.

    Maybe is a problem related to my system, but i use latest version of Recalbox with VGA GERT 666 and this method you suggest to overwrite hdmi timings.

    It would be nice that some users reading this thread , could try to use the same settings proposed in the link you provided, in order to undestand if they work or not.

    I bought VGA GERT in order to reach "pixel perfect" with AdvanceMame, i thought that this was possible also with other systems.

  • @cybermat80 advancemame has its own setup that you should configure with the advcfg. I've already given a few tips in the forum regrding advcfg, please use the search function

  • Ok i tried a lot of settings and i can say that either i have a defective VGA GERT 666 or Recalbox has some issues with hdmi timings per emulator.

    I tried a lot of configs and when i start the game, it comes back to Emulation Station. If i'm able to switch hdmi timings often happens that it doesn't come back to the previous one resolution, after exit from the game.

    I can give help if they are real issues, but i need that people with gert 666 try do the same.

    I tried this on BVM 20F1E but maybe is too "perfect" and does not accomodate particular hdmi timings, i tried on Sony Trinitron KV-14LT1E with a VGA to SCART cable, same result.

    With BVM i had VGA cable to -> EXTRON 192V -> 4 BNC cableds (composite sync and also tried sync on green).

  • @cybermat80 bvm monitors may be very picky and only stick to a few timings. A member made a post in the wiki detailing how he did it on his PVM : mode switching was hardly possible

  • Could you please link ? Do you mean WIKI section ?

  • @cybermat80 the page is in french, i thought it was translated

    He's using some HDMI2VGA to make it work.

    Besides i have a vga666, but hardly any chance to test anything before sunday, we've got some recalbox matters for friday to handle, dont want to scatter myself 😉

  • Hi there, lets dig this up.

    So I tried and I tried. I have a special situvation though as I use retrotink with vga out. So I want to use 240p@120hz but ES do not look good at 240p. So I thought the above info would help
    (here it is in english btw: )
    but no. Im also runing recalbox from a usb drive as my sd card is to small for all games.

    So i edited the conf(usb) and the config(SD) on the usb and sd card. But no, ES would still use the the hdmi timings listed in the config file. What am I Doing wrong here? is it because im using a usb? and what are the folder for with a . in front of them. I know rgb-pi had this done so I know it can work, yes I asked him, wont help, cant blame him though being that retrotink is a competing product.

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