Keybinding are not saving inside retroarch

  • I was having problems with Kodi so I did a fresh install of Recalbox. I set everything up, loaded all my roms, everything works great, besides remapping key bindings inside retroarch. For NES, gameboy and gba I would swap the A and Y buttons by remapping them and saving the settings. With this fresh install, when I save within the keybindings menu, it does nothing, I exit and reload the rom and the keybindings I set are back at default. And when I change key bindings and save the core, it REVERTS the keybindings back to their defaults! I am at a loss and going insane. What is the problem? Appreciate any input.

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    Normal way, after you enter Retroarch
    ---> Quickmenu
    ---> Controls
    ---> "Change your buttons assignation"
    ---> Select "Save Game Remap File" or "Save Core Remap File"
    ---> go back
    ---> "Save Game Overrides" or "Save Core Overrides"
    and leave Retroarch
    From now on you should see at the beginning of games small yellow line "Game remap file loaded" or "Core remap file loaded"

    There may be an issue. That the quickmenu point "Controls" dont exist under the emulator that you have running under SNES. I was having such issue. But if you change to an SNES emulator that accept it, you can change everything like mentioned before and after switch back.
    Some weird things in Retroarch.

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    I was writig more in another part of the forum about :

    Dragu 18 days ago

    Je pense que j'ai trouvé, il y a une erreur dans retroarch.
    Dans le core default NES il n y a pas de sélection "Controls" au niveau de Quick Menu. Et je comprends que je suis pas le seul ayant eu des problèmes ici. Alors, il faut d'abord sélectionner un autre émulateur soit Libretro core: Nestopia, ici la sélection "Controls" existe.
    On change B en A/ Turbo B en X/A en B/Turbo A en Y.
    Après on sélectionne "Save core remap File" et il la sauve sous


    Maintenant on change manuellement /Nestopia/Nestopia.rmp en /FCEUmm/FCEUmm.rmp

  • @dragu

    THANK YOU SIR! I successfully swapped the buttons and saved them by switching the emu's core. Which is strange because on my first recalbox setup, I did not have to do that. On my first setup, I remember the quick menu controls option with the ability to swap keys being there without changing anything. Thanks again.

  • @retropiguy if you were wondering about swapping A and B functions inside RA, you could just change the option in the retroarchcustom.cfg file

  • @substring said in Keybinding are not saving inside retroarch:


    I remember trying this option in the past with no luck, which resulted in me just binding them how I wanted. Can you shed some light on it? Which emulators does it affect?

  • @retropiguy It wasn't working in the past AFAIR, but now it does work as we have enabled it to make A and B homogeneous between RA and ES


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    C'est drôle, j'ai cette ligne aussi dans mon retroarchcustom.cfg, mais elle n'a pas d'effet chez moi sur le swap des touches A/B X/Y. Je viens juste de réessayer en renomant FCEUmm en xxxxxx. Et plus de Swap. 😉

  • @dragu non ca swap uniquement A et B dans le menu RA, pas ingame

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    Aaah, ok. Compris. On en apprend tous les jours. 😉

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