Recalbox slow on pc? Fix?

  • I flashed an image of recalbox 17.12.02 on a 32gb usb3.0 thumb drive and plugged it into a pretty modern pc (intel i5 6600k w/ Nvidia asus gtx760 w/ 500gb HDD) and when I booted it up, the whole OS ,with my uploaded roms ran very slowly at 1.5fps and 0.5fps during games.

    Ps I did not change any settings

  • @felix-xu most probably a gpu driver problem. My gtx760 does run fine

  • After I turned on the framerate display it told me it is only using 30mb of vram so I think your answer may be related

  • Now I’m asking what I can do to fix this? I am a beginner at this and only want a functional arcade for my friends to play on.

  • @felix-xu I'm not very familiar with the x86 port, let's wait for @rockaddicted to come back

  • Same problem with gtx980 too. With gtx560 works well and fast but why new cards doing this. Anyone have solution?

  • @barış-slayer need drivers update, which can't happen for now

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