Just did the update - Most games disappeared

  • It shows me now just a small subset of the systems and most games don't even appear.

    I have all the games on a network share; could that be part of the problem?

  • @thomasd3 corrupted gamelists ?

  • All the games are stored on a NAS; It is properly mounted and I can see all the files in /recalbox/share/roms.

    Also, I checked and not a single file has been changed in the last month, so the roms folder is definitely fine.

  • @thomasd3 which systems are lacking roms ? from which version have you upgraded ?

  • I got the PI about 2-3 months ago, so it was from the version at that time.

    I found the problem: I moved the init.d script S31emulationstation to a later execution so the network had time to come up.
    During the update, another S31emulationstation script was created.

    Is there any benefit to start it at that stage vs. at a later stage when all peripherals / network resources would be available?

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    @thomasd3 why do you need to change this script ?

  • I changed it because the connection to the NAS is not done at that time. I'm not sure if Network-config needs to run before (it is at S46), but at S31 the NAS is not seen, at S90 it is.

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    @thomasd3 weird. Anyway network and nas mount will be improved in future versions.

  • I'm not sure which one of the process is responsible for enabling the mounting of the share, but it's between S36 and S90 :)

  • @thomasd3 is your pi on ethernet or wifi ?

  • ethernet

  • @thomasd3 we have a much better way of handling NAS since 4.1, you shouldn't have followed such an old way to have your roms stored on network

  • Is there a resource I can have a look at to find out what's the proper way to do this?

  • @thomasd3 yup : the wiki ^^ chekc in the english how-to ;)

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