Recalbox Manager: BIOS section doesn't load (webUI)

  • Hi,

    I came across this issue since the last update : SCREENSHOT =>

    BIOS section page on the web UI (Recalbox Manager), and only this one, doesnt load the columns / list of bios' but instead is stuck on the loading icon.

    Please note that all emulators work since they CAN find the bios' just fine, they appear in the BIOS folder, only the manager bios page doesn't display as it should.

    What I tried :

    • BIOS stored on the default Recalbox folder like a fresh install - Page still stuck on loading
    • BIOS mounted on the network (NAS) - Page still stuck on loading
    • Deleted everything in the folder - Page still stuck on loading
    • Chrome, Firefox - Page still stuck on loading

    I'm really sorry if it's a known issue, if not, anyone knows why?


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    @maldorhan hi,

    You may have deleted the readme.txt file in bios folder. Here is how to restore it:

    1. Login to your recalbox with ssh
    2. Type cp /recalbox/share_init/bios/readme.txt /recalbox/share/bios/readme.txt

  • Thanks I didnt think the loading could get stuck because of that, I'll make sure to try in a few hours and let you know, I was looking into folder permissions and stuff when it was (maybe) that easy 😄

  • @oyyodams That was it, weirdly on my 1:1 disk copy from one NUC to another I didnt include the whole BIOS folder, no idea why but hey, wont complain about such an easy fix! I didnt know that the MD5 were parsed from the readme.txt file ! Thanks again

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