Odroid XU4 is way, way better at emulation than the Rpi 3.

  • I got two Rpi 3s to gift to family members, and while testing PSP games I was shocked at how poorly the Rpi 3 handles the system. I looked online and see people overclocking their RPi3s, buying heatsinks and fans to try and run PSP.
    Why not just invest in an Odroid XU4 or XU4Q? At a cost of around $65(30 more than an RPi3) No need to even overclock and you'll be crushing PSP and N64, even playing some dreamcast.
    I really appreciate the fact that RecalBox is developing for the XU4, and I'm looking forward to future releases.

  • @megatimx yeah, the xu4 is more powerful than anything else. It will get an important update next year

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    @substring software update or hardware update ?

  • @voljega software : new kernel, probably an updated gpu driver. Much work to do before even thinking about it

  • Looking forward to the update. The only better option would be to put an itx or mini-stx(preferably) PC into a console. I was considering it, but it would cost a few hundred dollars to get a decent system. The XU4 has a good price to power ratio.

  • @megatimx once x86 kernel and gpu drivers are updated, i'll give a go to some atom Z8350 mini PC

  • I have RP3 and U3. It would be nice if I can use my U3 to run Recalbox.

    According to Odroid forum, XU4 and U3 are software compatible, but not boot image compatible. It needs to change the kernel and mali library. Is there any one has a Recalbox image for U3?

    Is there any step by step instruction on building XU4 image from source so that I can try it on U3?

  • @MegaTimX the only thing is taking me from using is that RecalBox does not have Amiga emulation for Odroid, that is a best for me. If Amiga will be enabled also for Odroid, i think that it will take the place of Pi3, almost till Pi4 will not show more power. But as i don't think Amiga will be port for this system for now, i will remain with Pi3 and a native N64 on my desktop...

  • @fatice no support for U3. It will never happen, too few people concerned with it and i think the board is discontinued

  • @substring I don't expect it will be released here. I was hoping to get a direction or customization steps on the build system. Currently, github download has preset profile for different system. It does not have U3 or at least it is not easily modified from XU4 to U3.

  • @fatice we moved to gitlab a year ago. You'd need to write a defconfig file for U3 at least

  • @substring
    It aeems (see on youtube) that the new rizen 3 2200g is doing a very good job for dreamcast, psp and even some wii u. Looks like a path forward for mini PC boards!

  • @snwfrd38 You'd still be looking at around £300 for a system though (APU, Memory, Harddrive, Mobo, PSU and Case) and then an OS...unless Recalbox do a OS image for x86/64?

    So compare that to £70 for a XU4 its no contest really yes games will run better on the Ryzen but you have to pay for that....maybe a older cheaper Intel NUC unit would be the best of both worlds?

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    @blockaboots fyi there is an x86 version of recalbox.

  • @paradadf I’m trying to find help installing recalbox x64 on a secondary disk on my ryzen1600/rx580 system. The OS gets to the installer screen then it’s just black from there, waited about an hour. Is there a forum thread or somewhere I can go for support?

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    @aceplayer01 why do you post on a odroid xu4 thread which has nothing to do with your problem ? open your own thread

  • @voljega I've searched these forums high and low for support on RecalBoxOS x64 on AMD hardware and this is one of two post that even mentions Ryzen.

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