psx games won't appear in game list

  • Re: PSX Rom Problems I have used winscp to manually put PlayStation one games in my PlayStation share folder. As a test I did try this with an nes game. Deleted, downloaded the exact ROM and drug it into the NES Rom file. After updating games list in UI, The game was there. Cannot do this with PlayStation ROMs. Tried a lot of things. Update, reboot. All games are in .BIN and this system came preloaded with PSX games. All those games work fine so I thought I'd add some of my own but can't get them to work. the BIOS was already there and it's right spot. and in the rom list on my card I didn't see any .CUE files so I shouldn't have to add them with my roms .Any suggestions?

  • @schatzicat bin is not an accepted format for PSX, you need the cue file

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