Recalbox stuck on this screen after upgrade

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm rather new to this system, but I have used it normally prior to this latest upgrade, I did it manually from the GUI on my raspberry pi 3, after that, it restarted, applied the upgrade, and its stuck on this screen (Recalbox logo bottom mid screen with time and version on the bottom left side of screen)

    Please help, I dont want to re-install all....


  • @madorc can you ssh to your recalbox ?

  • I cant do anything, keyboard just responds to NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK,

    No network ping, eventho it has static IP assigned via dhcp reservation,

    USB PS3 controller seems to connect, but no input from any other key nor keyboard.


    I reloaded the image from within windows, did not touch the other partitions on the SD card,

    Loaded just fine after that, all roms and settings seem to be there,

    Dont update from within recalbox.... broke it for me...


  • @madorc try CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a terminal to log in

  • This occurs if I leave my xbox 360 wireless controller adapter connected while Recalbox booted for the first time. Try to disconnect everything. Besides power of course 😉

  • I have the same problem on odroid xu4.. for me it seems like the update procedure hangs at 0%

  • @madorc @Substring I'm having the exact same problem. Can you detail out the exact steps taken to resolve this issue?

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