Alternating splash video and white boot screen causing strobe-like effect at boot.

  • When I boot, most of the time there is a blinding strobe-light sort of effect caused by the white Recalbox(ES) logo and the recalboxintro.mp4 video. I understand that the video is read only and cannot be edited, however, i cannot locate the white image. A simple solution would be to screenshot recalboxintro.mp4 and replace the white Recalbox(ES) boot logo with the screenshot, so even if the images alternate it won't be black/white, and may not be noticable.

    Using an XU4, and whatever the latest release is for that.

    Here are the two clashing screens.0_1512942695411_maxresdefault (1).jpg 0_1512942702616_splash.png

  • @megatimx known issue, can't be circumvented

  • I noticed that on my odroid xu4, too.

    But as stated by @MegaTimX it would be an easy work around to make both image and video either black or white.

    It would be more pleasing to the eye to have a black "boot" image imho. Most consoles use black or at least dark colors. Especially on LCD displays with a high brightness it looks generally better to display something dark rather then bright white.

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