problems (again!)

  • Hi folks,

    Since new update, this function appears to be broken again... 😞

    I have recalbox pointing to a a usb3 drive as the main drive. On it, under shares/system, I have the script "":

    echo "Starting"
    recallog "Starting FANCONTROL"
 runs a fan script.

    if I explore the log, it shows that it IS automatically running the script:

    [       21.95] Starting S94manager
    [       22.14] ... Starting manager v2
    [       22.39] Starting pm2
    [      844.02] Starting FANCONTROL
    [      939.45] Starting FANCONTROL
    [      969.53] Stopping Emulationstation
    [      969.53] Stopping Emulationstation

    However, the fan doesn't run.

    If I putty in and run via:


    it does run!

    So - what's going on here!?

    updated my script to:

    echo "Starting"
    recallog "Starting FANCONTROL"
    recallog "Current Directory: " 
    recallog $PWD
    /usr/bin/python /recalbox/share/system/

    Still no joy. 😞
    Weird log, though:

    [ 22.45] ... Starting manager v2
    [ 22.66] Starting pm2
    [ 106.81] Starting FANCONTROL
    [ 106.83] Current Directory:
    [ 106.85] /recalbox/share/system
    [ 157.25] Starting FANCONTROL
    [ 157.28] Current Directory:
    [ 157.37] /recalbox/share/system
    [ 179.70] Starting FANCONTROL
    [ 179.72] Current Directory:
    [ 179.74] /
    [ 6.91] No need to upgrade configuration files

  • @Substring - hey fella - you helped with this last time - any ideas?

    Sorry to bump my own post, but desperately trying to get this recalbox setup so I can post it this weekend to a friend who lives in France for xmas!

  • -.<
    nemmind. Sussed it:

    	echo "Starting"
    	recallog " called"
    	case "$1" in 
    			 recallog "Start detected. Starting fan script"
    			/usr/bin/python /recalbox/share/system/	 
    			 recallog "Stop detected."
    			 recallog "Restart|Reload detected"
    			recallog "Other state detected..."
    	exit $?

  • @stigzler if the recallog works fine but bot the python script, i'd have a look at the script

    On the other hand if your works on commandline, looks line an environment problem.

    Anyway, you should a annampersand & at the end oh hour python command line, no need to hold init because of your script

  • thanks @Substring , but the most recent code appears to work fine. NOt sure what you mean about the ampersand, but hopefully won't need it as so far so good!

  • @stigzler I mean /usr/bin/python /recalbox/share/system/ & so that the process goes to background in multiprocessing. Otherwise you just lock the init script and never give the hand back.

    What is your python script ? you should, for debug, run your script in like /usr/bin/python /recalbox/share/system/ 2>&1 | recallog & and see what the recalbox.log mentions

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