Feature request: tutorial overlay for hotkey button

  • I never remember if hotkey + a was resetting or saving the game. What about a system wide overlay that is being display when someone presses the hotkey button with a shortcut explanation? Or is this not possible because overlays are not available when an Emulator is running?

    In this case a help menu entry with an explanation for the shortcuts would be nice

  • @marcdk Just print the part of the manual you need and stick it on your screen ?

  • @substring

    Ok, I see we have some differences when it comes to user experience... Is it technically a problem to display something while the emulators are running? If this is the case I can really offer my help. I am an average coder (js, php) and I have some descent graphic skills. So if you give me a hint how to start I can do it myself and contribute it.

  • @marcdk I think no one among the team will ever work on such a feature. Otherwise just make an overlay for retroarch by yourself, and set your shortcut in that overlay + edit retroarch config file to use that overlay.

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