Recalbox doesn't boot after update

  • I'm having a recurring issue where Recalbox doesn't boot after installing an update on x64.

    The system powers on as normal and I get a black screen that says 'Recalbox' with a flashing cursor underneath - and then nothing happens at all. It's a bit like when you first run Recalbox but instead of the system booting after a few minutes, it takes absolutely ages with no change after 30 minutes.

    I'm wondering though...I have a lot of content on the Share drive. Is this simply a case that Recalbox is doing something with the gameslist and I just need to leave it for a VERY long time, or is it a sign of a failed update?

  • @deusxm no, we're still at the kernel loading stage + device discovery. Gamelists are read by ES only.

    How have you installed recalbox ? On which media ?

  • @Substring It's running off a 64gb USB stick on an Intel NUC 2820. It runs fine until the update is applied. What I'm currently having to do is copy across content from the Share drive onto another device, burn the new img to the USB via Etcher to do a fresh install, and then copy back the Share content on the 'new' share drive.

    It's happened with the last three updates, so for now I've disabled auto-update.

    As an additional thing, if I restart the NUC when Recalbox is failing to boot, it comes up with an error message saying no EFI device is detected and then goes to Grub, where I've got an option to select Recalbox. I then get a verbose boot where it repeatedly tells me it's unable to mount the Share drive.

    Is there any way I can get a log to show you what's happening? I can access anything on the USB, it just doesn't boot.

  • @deusxm I'd love a screenshot of what you just described "unable to mount share", see if it's a Recalbox problem, or just the initramfs. But still, if it can't find the sahre partition, it should just put it in RAM ... weird ...

    Depending on your boot stage, we may eventually find some traces in the recalbox.log. But if your error happens at the grub step, we're screwed.

  • @substring Let me see if I can duplicate the error. Thanks for your help and quick response, very much appreciated.

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