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Detailed View disable on NeoGeo ?

  • Hello all,
    I've got an issue even after scrapping NeoGeo System ... After rebooting system, NeoGeo system appear with basic view instead detailed view.
    I've got download_images with all png inside with same name as roms ... but nothing happened...
    I tried to scapp only one game ... view is now detailed but only the roms I scrapped has got a picture ... others don't :(

    Is there anyway to force detailed view ? Why even if all png files are in folder downloaded_images with same name I can't see anything ?

    Thanks for your help

    Recalbox 4.1
    Roms on USB Key 128Go Samsung

  • @odissine Hi,

    Saw your issue on github, i'd have closed it and asked you to post here. But you had the good reflex !

    So, I'd remove the gamelist.xml file, make a fast shutdown, and rescrape

  • Thanks Substring that's works !

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