SNES, & Other Emus + PS3 Remotes + "Press Start" Multiplayer

  • Greetings, everybody. This is my second post. I've decided to do something else about encrypted drives, I haven't found any resources in Kodi or Recalbox.

    My problem is best summarized thusly:

    On SNES games like Goof Troop, Super C, or their like--maybe even NES, too--the "press start to join" multiplayer does not work with my PS3 remotes.

    I'm not sure why. I'm using recalbox, with unmodified configs. For example, I'm not using SNES9x_next, even though I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

    Here is what I expect as a user, versus what actually happens:

    I am playing with a PS3 remote, the only one that is on. My friend wants to join, so we turn on the second PS3 remote. It syncs with the "Second Player" light. We hit 'start' on the second player to join in.
    But nothing happens. I don't know why, either. In my mind, I'm guessing, "Maybe this is set to the MultiTap, but can't tell which joypad should be player 2.."

    Related thoughts:
    I think that when a player starts a game from EmulationStation, their joypad is assigned "Player 1" 's status. That's OK. I can tell, because when I start a game from the PS3 remote that's "paired as number two," that joypad still counts as player one.

    But when the second joypad is hit, I don't know why it can't auto-determine which is player 2 based on input history.

    Can anybody tell me what's going on here?

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    @findingfilene turn on the second controller and take care that it is configured as player #2 in ES before launching the game from ES

  • @voljega Thank you for your suggestion, @voljega ! That worked.
    Luckily, PS3 remotes sync in turn-on order, so as long as a remote has the second light, it's player 2.

    That's invaluable, I might even get more, now, and save me the problem of making a dedicated plug-in joypad "Number Three."

    Thank you!

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